Dental Insurance | Way to Protect your Smile

Why is protecting your smile so important? It’s because a winning smile gives you the confidence to face major issues in life without a crooked teeth playing spoilsport. However, things are not so bright for the average Australian. Statistics are indeed depressing – 3 in 10 adults have tooth decay, 2 in 3 needed fillings on their last visit to the dentist and 1 in 4 has had an extraction. Given this fearsome scenario, the first thought that should come to mind for the average Australian is to have some form of dental insurance so that any major or minor procedures don’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Most Australians are not aware of the provisions and clauses of dental insurance and what types of cover are available. In fact, exclusive dental insurance in the country is quite rare, what is available is an overall insurance cover that even takes care of your teeth. These can be classified into two categories and private health insurance has sub-limits for both depending on the value of the total coverage opted for.

The first is a general dental cover that takes care of a variety of issues such as scaling, cleaning, fillings and oral exams. Such insurance have an “extra policy cover” that you should definitely opt for. It is that part of health insurance that has provisions for “out of hospital” medical care. It includes extras that Medicare does not include such as dental treatment for checkups, major dental work and orthodontic treatment. Top level covers offer a greater degree of “extras” to choose from.

The second type is major dental procedures which cover surgery for veneers, emergency treatments and that for gum disease.

A word here will be in order about dental technicians who work behind the scenes in specialized dental labs to ensure that you get that winning smile. These people are highly trained and qualified having a professional Diploma in Dental Technology. They are fully conversant with construction and repair of dentures and other dental appliances such as partial dentures, bridges, crowns as well as pre and post oral and maxillofacial surgery devices and orthodontic appliances.

Coming back to dental insurance, you should opt for a cover that specifically provides a wide range of benefits. Orthodontic cover, which is one that offers treatment for jaw and facial irregularities, will help in getting braces, a very common requirement for the average Australian. The next is Endodontic work that treats tooth decay and damage. The point is to decide on the extent of insurance cover you opt for so as to get the maximum number of benefits from your policy. Go through the policy brochure with a fine tooth comb before arriving at a decision.

The catch in dental insurance is that you cannot keep assessing low cost treatments for ever. There are sub-limits that you should be aware of. For example, for expensive procedures such as orthodontics, there will be limits that can be availed of in a life time. Further, you cannot avail cover as soon as you take out a policy, there is a certain waiting period for general treatments. Typically, these are two months for general dental services, a year for major procedures such as dentures, crowns and bridges and from a year to three years for costly orthodontics.

Keep all these things in mind before choosing a health care cover that optimizes your dental needs and ensures that winning smile.